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    How is The Earth Formed?

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    When our solar system planned to finalize the layout which it has now, being a Third planet from the sun, it is formed when the gravity pulled the swirling gases and dust.

    The idea of a spherical Earth was found by Pythagoras around 500 BC and validated by Aristotle a couple centuries later.

    Did you know who named earth ?

    Well, none of us do. All the planets in our solar system are named after Roman and Greek gods and goddesses except The Earth. It is the only planet that is not named after Mythological being. The name is obtained from the old English word ertha.

    We all are captive of Mother nature’s beauty. The beautiful sunrises and sunsets, the transparent waterfall’s, the rainwater that’s not salty, the evolution of single-cell organisms to multi cells. She would right away sweep our feet by these amazing Interesting Facts about Earth. Let’s dive in and find out her evolution.

    Lowest Point on Earth :

    • The lowest point on earth is called the ‘challenge deep’ located in The Pacific Ocean. Its depth is 35,827 ft and further than the peak of Mt. Everest.

    The First Life on The Earth :

    World Facts

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    • oceans were the Origin of the first life on the Earth through a process called Abiogenesis or biopoiesis (The living organisms thought to develop from the non-living matter).

    Did you know ?

    Whenever you see a star, you are seeing a sun from Another Galaxy. If you are seeing our solar system from a different planet, our sun is another star.

    The only natural satellite of the planet Earth

    World Facts

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    • Moon is the only natural satellite of the Planet Earth and its the fifth-largest natural satellite.

    The Earth was static they said :

    • The Astronomers of ancient times thought earth remained still and it’s the center of the universe. All the planets including the sun rotated around the Earth. That’s one of the lordly Interesting Facts about Earth, isn’t it?

    It does not take 24 hours to complete a single rotation :

    • Contradiction to popular belief, it does not take 24 hours to complete a single rotation says, Astronomers. It takes nearly 23hours, 56 minutes and 4 seconds. They call it a sidereal day.

    There is only 3% of fresh water on the earth :

    World Facts

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    • We all knew that 97% of the earth is covered by ocean and only 3% of them are freshwater. More than 2% is covered in ice sheets and glaciers which means less than 1% is in lakes and rivers.

    We are as hot as the sun :

    • Our Earth consists of an inner core and outer core. Though we don’t know an exact ratio, it is believed that the outer core is said to be liquid and the inner core is solid and as hot as the sun.

    Did you know ?

    Earth is the only planet that was all three forms of water- Liquid, solid, and Gas.

    Solar Eclipse on The Earth :

    • We have the privilege of ooohing and aaahing of Earth’s solar eclipse where it is the only planet in our solar system where a solar eclipse can happen.

    You are always spinning :

    • You may seem like standing still, but you are always on move, a very fast one. You are spinning on space over 1000miles per hour. That’s one of the wow factors of Interesting facts about earth. People on the equator move faster. The people on the North and South remain still.

    Are you worried about getting old ?

    • Scientists calculate the age of the earth by picking up the oldest rocks and meteorites. How do you ask? Meteorites and earth are formed at the same time when our solar system was forming. Our earth is nearly 4.54 billion years old.

    The rotation of the earth is slowing down:

    • The Earth’s rotation is slowing down slightly with time around every 25-30 years which may result in triggering more earthquakes. It’s because of the tidal effects, the moon has on the earth’s rotation.

    What would happen if the Earth stopped spinning?

    • It’s not possible for a few billion years yet, the atmosphere would be still in motion but the landmasses which are not attached to the bedrock will be swept away into the atmosphere.

    Can we survive without the moon?

    • Yes, but only six to twelve hours and there could be more than 1000 days in a year. The ocean tides may be one-third higher than the normal tides. Our Earth could experience some seriously wild weather.
    • Now we know why they use the term You are the moon of my life (GOT).

    What killed dinosaurs on the Earth?

    World Facts

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    • A well-known fact is a comet named Chicxulub impactor that struck the earth for about 11 to 81 kilometers.

    How long can earth last?

    • Our Earth can last up to 10million years from now. We are safe now.

    Did you know ?

    The biggest asteroid impact named Vredefort Crater which is estimated nearly 2 million years ago. Vredefort Crater created a radius of nearly 190kilometers and the other was Chelyabinsk meteor that hit the earth for about 17-20meters.

    Why rain drops are not salty?

    • This is because only water evaporates from ocean but not salt and other impurities. This is why ‘sea Air’ is salty.

    The creation of Moon is linked with the Earth :

    • Theia, who is said to be the goddess of moon which collided with the early Earth that is theorized to have created the Moon. How about that?

    The Earth has a twin :

    • The Venus is said to be the twin of the Earth because of its Size, mass and also similar composition. Yet, they are different.
    • We knew some of the Interesting Facts about Earth which mesmerized us in various factors and forms. The Earth gave us the privilege of utilizing its resources but somehow we resulted in Ocean pollution by plastics, Air pollution, Ozone depletion and so much more. Though it takes billion years more to go, the impacts and destruction that we created on earth will probably make to leave the earth and live on space like the movies out there. But nothing could match the home we have or HAD? It’s up to us.


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