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     Ookami is the Japanese word for wolf meaning ‘great god’. Wolfs are the largest member of the canid/Dog family and live up to 13 years in the wild. The dog breeds are domesticated from the gray wolfs. These were widely found across the northern hemisphere. Wolves are the wild terrestrial animals. After their inhabits were occupied by humans they are only found about 5-8 percent in the US and only two-thirds of their former range worldwide – Wolf facts

    Interesting facts about wolfs - world facts

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    • Charlemagne founded a special wolf-hunting force, the Louveterie, in the year 800 and killed the last french Wolf in 1927.
    • Ireland used to be called “Wolf-land” because it had so many wolves but nobles would hunt them down for a sporting event using Irish Wolfhound.
    • Wolves are afraid of humans than any other animals out there. They rather run away than being near to them. Guess we know why.

    ” We have doomed the wolf not for what it is, but for what we deliberately and mistakenly perceive it to be –the mythologized epitome of a savage ruthless killer – which is, in reality, no more than a reflected image of ourself. “

    – Farley Mowat, Never Cry Wolf

    Did you know ?

    Dire wolves coexisted during the Pleistocene period and bite with 129 times the force of a grey wolf bite. They did not last beyond this period. That’s why we ever saw them again on Game Of Thrones.

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    Gray Wolves, Timber-wolves and Red Wolves

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    These are the three species and sub-species are about 40 and 24 species are extinct. Adult gray wolves are 4 to 6.56 feet long and weigh about 18 to 79 kilograms.

      • The red wolf is a bit smaller compared to the other two. They grow to around 4.5 to 5.5 feet long 23 to 36 kg, according to the Defenders of Wildlife
      • Their average foot size is comparable to an adult human hand, at 4 inches wide by 5 inches long.

    Habitat and habits:

    • Wolves are found in North America, Europe, Asia, and North Africa in a pack, a group of six-ten.
    • A wolf’s howl is a method to communicate with the other packs or within.
    • A single wolf howl can be heard up to 10km which is twenty times better than a human’s.
    • The strongest male and female pairing lead the pack and are known as Fully-grown wolves have 42 teeth. The female has an incubation period of nine weeks and gives birth to a litter consisting of one to 11 pups. Packs have a leader, known as the alpha male. Each pack guards its territory and kills other wolves that do not belong to its territory.
    • But some articles disproves ‘Alphas’ as considers it as a myth.
    • The red wolves prefer to live in marsh and forests. Many people think wolves live only in colder climates, but wolves can live in temperatures that range from minus 70 to 120 degrees F, according to the San Diego Zoo, this is one of the crazy Wolf facts considering their thick fur protecting them from freezing climatic conditions.
    • The social framework of a pack can change. A wolf lower in the pack hierarchy may challenge an alpha wolf for leadership.
    • If the alpha wolf loses this challenge, it will sometimes leave the pack to become a lone wolf, find another mate, and start a new pack. Very low ranking wolves are often baited by the other wolves and may also leave the pack. It is one of the Saddest wolf facts, isn’t it?


    • When it comes to hunting Wolves are insatiable. They can eat up to 9kg in one sitting. They mostly prey on animals like deer, rabbits, goats, sheep that are sick, old, or young.
    • The highest-ranking wolf eats first and the leftover is for others.
    • Wolves can roam large and long distances for hunting up to 20 kilometers in a single day.
    • They hunt at night and sleep during the day.

    Wolf Facts that will melt your heart:

    small wolf - world facts

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    • Wolves maintain strong, social bonds. They even sacrifice their lives to protect their family unit.
    • Once a wolf has found a mate, they usually stay together for life.
    • Pups were taken care of by all the wolves in a pack.
    • Wolves are very similar to dogs in behavior. They love to play, chew on bones but will growl when threatened.
    • Wolfs are a symbol of good luck in Mongolia.
    • Ancient greeks correlated Wolf with Apollo (God of the Sun).
    • You can adopt wolves through organizations like Predator Defense, Defenders of Wildlife, or the National Wildlife Federation.

    Did you know ?

    Wolves have small webs between their toes that allow wolves to swim distances of up to 13 kilometres.

    Funny Wolf Facts:

    • It’s well known funny wolf facts that one may simply begin to howl because a nearby wolf has already begun.
    • The International Wolf Center in Minnesota sponsors “howl nights”. These are events where people can howl in the wild hoping a response from the wolf.
    wolf howl - world facts

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    • Wolves do not make guard dogs. They hide when they have visitors rather than bark at them.

    Often Wolves are misinterpreted as dangerous animals that are really not. They are vigorously hunted down by humans for some superstitious beliefs and some of them are extinct now. Rather than destroying everything around us, it’s better if we treat them in a better way as they are part of the Eco-system.


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