Weird animal facts

    Weird animal facts. There are around 8.7 million species of animals in the world. Mother nature is full of surprises and weird Animal facts. Let’s Arm ourselves with the introduction into their kingdom.

    1. Shrimps heart is located in their head - Animal Facts

    Shrimps - WorldFacts

    Image Source – Google | Image by – unsplash

    The cephalic portion (the head) is covered with thick protective substances that protect their main internal organs. The heart is located in the thorax, just after the head. Since it is covered by a single exoskeleton, it is said that the shrimp’s heart is located in its head.

    2. Snails can sleep up to 3 years - Animal Facts

    Snails - WorldFacts

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    These are spirit animals to so many of them. Why you ask? It’s because they need moisture to live. To escape the climatic changes and go to hibernation (Winter sleep) and Estivation (Summer sleep) up to 3 years. They secrete mucus around them to escape from dryness.

    3. Orangutans fracture their bones from falling down - Animal Facts

    Orangutans - WorldFacts

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    Orangutans are the extant species of great apes. Around 50 perfect of them has fracture bones falling from the trees. Now, they are Critically Endangered.

    4. The Peacock Mantis Shrimp, the Boxer:

    They are well-known boxers and has the fastest punch on the earth. Arm like attachments normally held close to their bodies, at 80 kilometres per hour, accelerating faster than a .22-caliber bullet.

    5. Kola Bear handprints are misinterpreted with humans:

    Kola Bear - WorldFacts

    Image Source – Google | Image by – unsplash

    The similarities between Kola Bear, chimp, and human’s feared Australian police that the fingerprints would get mixed up in crime scenes.

    As researchers at the University of Adelaide (who discovered koala prints in 1996) stated in their paper on the subject:

    “Koalas … feed by climbing vertically onto the smaller branches of eucalyptus trees, reaching out, grasping handfuls of leaves, and bringing them to the mouth… therefore the origin of dermatoglyphes [fingerprints] is best explained as the biomechanical adaptation to grasping, which produces multidirectional mechanical influences on the skin. These forces must be precisely felt for fine control of movement and static pressures and hence require the orderly organization of the skin surface.”

    6. Ostrich eyes are bigger than its Brain:

    Ostrich - WorldFacts

    Image Source – Google | Image by – unsplash

    Ostrich is the biggest bird in the kingdom. It is also said that their eyes are the size of a billiard ball. It’s easy for them to point out their prey and has easing terrestrial lifestyle since they have a huge photo-receptor.

    7. Rhino horn is made up primarily of keratin:

    Rhino - WorldFacts

    Image Source – Google | Image by – unsplash

    Lucky Champs! aren’t they? Their horns mostly consist of Keratin, a substance that helps in the development of hair, feathers, claws, and definitely horns. They are mostly found in Vertebrates.

    8. chimp visitors, to the alcoholic drink in Guinea:

    It is observed that Chimps were drinking fermented tree sap as a group that was left unattended. They said to have a tool to suck up the wine. They climb to the crown of the palm, They dip the folded leaves into the bucket to soak up the sap. This was the weirdest Animal fact because we might have a company that is definitely not humans.

    9. Capuchin monkeys wash their hand and feet with urine:

    Well, that would be the best water-saving method. The study says it would help them to get a grip to climb on trees, a method of cleaning they say. Another believed concept is, in order to keep themselves cool from high temperature. New research says it’s all about communication.

    10. Baby elephants suck their trunks for fellow feeling:

    elephants - WorldFacts

    Image Source – Google | Image by – unsplash

    It’s one of the cutest Weird Animal Facts. Like humans, baby elephants suck their trunk after consuming milk from their mother, for comfort like human babies. Apart from this, sucking  helps them to control the trunks.

    11. Tiger Stripe patterns are unique as human's fingerprint:

    No two tigers can have the same set pattern of stripes in their body. It acts as an identity for them.

    12. Sea Otters holds hand while sleeping:

    Image Source – Google | Image by – Pinterest

    This is also one of the cutest Weird Animal facts that we can find on the internet. The Mother Sea Otters hold the hand of the babies so that they won’t drift apart. This is said to be Raft.

    13. Meow is not communication:

    It can be a bit shocking for cat lovers, but nonetheless, it’s just to get human attention. The other fact is ‘some cats are allergic to humans’. It seems like they have taken a stand.

    14. Blue Jays Mimic Hawks, 'The scarier':

    The Blue Jays Mimic all kind of sound and its very common to hear them mimicking Hawks, calls the other birds just to scare them away and the other reason is to warn other Jays about the Hawks nearby.

    15. A Labrador retriever was sentenced to life:

    Labrador sentenced to death - world facts

    Image Source – Google | Image by – Barkpost

    In 1924, A Labrador was sentenced to life without parole for killing Governor’s cat. That’s cold!.

    16. Are we having tyrannosaurus rex meat?

    Scientists, when compared with the fossil of T.Rex they found that the Chickens, ostrich are the closest relative of T.Rex than Alligators. Definitely one of the weird Animal facts isn’t?


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